Obama’s Cash for Clunkers

Remember: “Death Panels” were not, as some are saying, a political myth. After Sarah Palin’s famous comments, the Senate acted quickly to remove the language in question from the “Health” bill.


2 responses to “Obama’s Cash for Clunkers

  1. This is obviously a fake, and that wasn’t the part about “Death Panels” that we were complaining about with Sarah Palin. The part we were complaining about is that she acted as if the for-profit insurance companies didn’t already HAVE Death Panels- it was nothing new with Obamacare- it’s already an ingrained part of the system, and has been for the last 40 years.

  2. Yes, it’s a fake, Ted. It’s satire.

    Well, you know my response on that: in my experience, it’s far easier to argue with a private insurance company than the government. At least with the private insurance, you *CAN* argue, even if it takes months.

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