Michelle Obama’s Mom calls Laura Ingraham to say she likes Bill O’Reilly!

This is hilarious! You have to watch this! Wow.

I don’t get the chance to listen much, but Laura Ingraham is the only talk radio host I have any respect for anymore.

A big plus in her book is that, unlike Hannity (pro-contraception heretic), O’Reilly (pro-contraception heretic), Beck (apostate) and Coulter (had a Catholic parent and has overtly rejected the Faith), she’s actually a convert *to* Catholicism.

Anyway, the clip starts with Ingraham criticizing Obama for golfing in Martha’s Vineyard while the economy is “tanking.”

An elderly African American lady calls in from DC named “M.R.” She criticizes “Miss Ingra-ham” for her nasty attitude and constantly criticizing the President and the First Lady.

So Laura explains that her criticisms of the president’s lifestyle are based upon the fact that our economy is “tanking.”
Caller says, “The economy is fine” (must’ve been hanging out with Bush).
Then the caller says, “The economy is fine. I was just in Martha’s Vineyard, and the city’s fine. People were having a grand time.”
Laura says, “Wait, you were in Martha’s Vineyard.”
Then the old lady says something about “We had Valerie’s people over,” and Laura suggests Valerie Jarrod, and the caller says “I’m not calling to get specific with you.”

Then she says something about Ingraham’s appearance on the “Reilly Factor,” and after Ingraham points out that it’s “O’Reilly” (noting that she like’s “Reilly” better than Ingraham), the caller says, “You’re very cocky with the elderly.”

So Laura finally asks the caller if “M.R.” stands for Marian Robinson, and the caller hangs up!!


Though, really, the most interesting thing of this is that Michelle Obama’s mom likes to watch Bill O’Reilly!

6 responses to “Michelle Obama’s Mom calls Laura Ingraham to say she likes Bill O’Reilly!

    • Do you have a comment? And preferably an intelligent one? If you think the call’s a hoax, would you like to justify that claim?

      • I mean, considering what a liberal O’Reilly is, I’m not surprised Obama’s mother in law likes him.

  1. Theodore Seeber

    Two things really influence this:
    1. Quite often, strongly liberal parents breed strongly conservative children, and vice versa. Like talent, it skips a generation.
    2. All it takes for a liberal to become a conservative is to not change a single idea for 20 years; that’s why so many old people are conservative.

    Typed this in the hospital waiting for them to take Christopher down for his operation….scheduled for 11:30 am Pacific time 8-30-2010

  2. Prayers for Christopher!!

  3. Of course, ideologically, most African Americans *are* conservative; they’ve just been taught that conservative = racist. “I’m voting for Proposition 8 and Barack!”

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