State Department Admits Obama is Ineligible!!

On a page designed to “debunk” various “conspiracy theories” (and lumping all of them together), the State Department has a page about “Obama birth” conspiracy theories, in which it admits that, from 1963 to 1982, Barack Obama maintained dual citizenship. Of course, the claim that Obama exercised dual citizenship at all, and particularly past the age of 18, is a fundamental claim of the “Birther” movement. The whole point of requiring a president to be a “born” citizen, as opposed to just “naturalized,” is to avoid the president having divided loyalties with another nation. The whole point is to have no doubt about the president’s citizenship. And now, the government itself is validating that Obama does not meet that requirement.


2 responses to “State Department Admits Obama is Ineligible!!

  1. Theodore Seeber

    Trouble is, the “dual citizenship” claim, *as long as one of the citizenships is birth-derived United States* is a red herring. We’ve had several Presidents who have held dual citizenship in the past, and Obama’s was largely due to an adoption.

  2. Actually, they’re admitting he was a citizen of Kenya, not Indonesia.

    Name one who had dual citizenship.

    I was always taught that the Intent of the Constitution is not to have a president with divided loyalties, period.

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