Biblia Clerus: a fantastic resource!

I’ve mentioned this before, but for those who don’t know, the Congregation for Clergy provides a fantastic resource called Biblia Clerus. It is free, downloadable software that allows you to read the Bible in various languages (including the RSV-CE and NAB translations for English), either by book or by the readings at Mass. You can select the readings for Mass for any day of the year, by Feast or by the liturgical season, and you can cross reference various commentaries and Magisterial or Patristic Documents. Also, the website gives direct access to various documents, including Denzinger (in Latin), the 1997 Catechism, the Pius X Catechism, Code of Canon Law (Western and Eastern Churches, as well as the 1917 Code), etc.


4 responses to “Biblia Clerus: a fantastic resource!

  1. I just downloaded it. It’s really cool but the user manual is in Italian. Do you know if there is an English version of it? I downloaded English. They don’t have a contact page so I guess I just have to ask other users.

  2. That’s a good question. Which page did you download it from? They have sites in different languages. It’s a pretty straightforward interface, though.

  3. The second link on the left is for the download. When I ran the install file, I chose English. The texts are in English, just not the user manual.

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