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Psalm MP3s!

Don’t know what translation they use, but here is a page of Psalm MP3s based on the Lectionary.

Here’s a page of Catholic MP3 Files

New Jerusalem Bible Online

I’m always looking for Catholic translations online for free, and, although I don’t like it because it’s politically correct (and supersedes the translation that J.R.R. Tolkein worked on), the “New” Jerusalem Bible is available online at Catholic.org!

EWTN Groupie Pictures 12

Close to the parking lot at the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, AL (from the same set by friends)

Biblia Clerus: a fantastic resource!

I’ve mentioned this before, but for those who don’t know, the Congregation for Clergy provides a fantastic resource called Biblia Clerus. It is free, downloadable software that allows you to read the Bible in various languages (including the RSV-CE and NAB translations for English), either by book or by the readings at Mass. You can select the readings for Mass for any day of the year, by Feast or by the liturgical season, and you can cross reference various commentaries and Magisterial or Patristic Documents. Also, the Clerus.org website gives direct access to various documents, including Denzinger (in Latin), the 1997 Catechism, the Pius X Catechism, Code of Canon Law (Western and Eastern Churches, as well as the 1917 Code), etc.

El Paso Priest Writes Bold Column

Fr. Michael Rodriguez of San Juan Bautista Catholic Church in El Paso, TX, has written a fantastic column for the El Paso Times.
“Every Catholic must oppose certain things.”

Remember: Every single Catholic, out of fidelity to charity and truth, has the absolute duty to oppose (1) the murder of unborn babies, and (2) any and all government attempts to legalize homosexual unions.

Any Catholic who supports homosexual acts is, by definition, committing a mortal sin, and placing himself/herself outside of communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

Furthermore, a Catholic would be guilty of a most grievous sin of omission if he/she neglected to actively oppose the homosexual agenda, which thrives on deception and conceals its wicked horns under the guises of “equal rights,” “tolerance,” “who am I to judge?,” etc.

. . .
Abortion and homosexual acts are unequivocally intrinsic moral evils. And friends, this objective truth doesn’t depend on the opinion of the majority. Frighteningly, if the majority chooses to deny the objective moral order, then we will all suffer the pestiferous consequences.

Any guesses on how soon his bishop will force him to print an apology?