An EWTN Groupie’s Photo Collection 2

See that little bit of brown, white and black between that fellow’s chin and arm? That’s Mother Angelica. I tried to catch a shot of her as she was leaving the stage after the show, but that fellow–a producer, I think–walked in the way. One of the Franciscan Friars is there, as well as Bishop Molloy again. The fellow in the tie on the right was the actual guest that night. He runs the Holy Face Association out of Montreal.
I tried looking his name up in the archive, but that episode is not there. Now, we have always joked that we were disappointed in the caliber of the guest when we saw _Mother Angelica Live_ live. The week before–when we’d wanted to get married, but various family members’ schedules didn’t permit it–the Wednesday line up was Mother Angelica with Marcus Grodi *and* Jeff Cavins and Fr. Thomas Dubay.
This fellow that we saw was obviously very devout, but he seemed very underprepared. It worked to our advantage in one sense: they took a number of questions from the phone lines and the audience to fill time, and I got to be on international television! Of course, since the episode has apparently been deleted from the archives for its lameness. . . .
Another way it kind of worked out was that we got to meet this fellow again a few years later, when his touring Shroud of Turin exhibit came to St. William of York in Stafford, VA.

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