An Anarchist Who Supports Big Government

“Catholic Anarchist” and Vox Nova alum Michael Iafrate has started a new blog, in which he’s apparently trying a stab at Stephen Colbert’s schtick:

The Catholic Fascist.

The site is apparently supposed to be a parody of “The American Catholic” and a couple other sites.  Someone named Michael Sean Winters at the so called National Catholic Reporter thinks that it’s hilarious.  Joe Hargrave takes on the direct and uncharitable attack here.

Some of the key discussions in the response at American Catholic, in addition to Iafrate’s cluelessness about what it even means to be an anarchist, revolve around the hypocrisy of the Catholic Left, who routinely call for greater civility in the blogosphere.
The discussion includes one of the best comments ever:

T. Shaw says:

One measure of a man’s greateness, among native American tribes, was the caliber of his enemies.

Sadly, your “enemies” are useless idiots.

In any case, authentic satire doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Shows like _Murphy Brown_, _30 Rock_ and _The Simpsons_ work because, whether their own agenda, the writers are able to poke fun at liberals as much as conservatives.  Indeed, the best parody comes from fans: and those shows are probably better at satirizing liberals because they are liberals.

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