I favor Reproductive Health

I am so sick of abortion and contraception being referred to as “reproductive health.” Since when does it constitute “health” to prevent an organ from doing its natural function?

Bulimia is not considered “digestive health.” People have qualms–and serious side effects–about gastric bypass surgery because it impedes the natural digestive track.

If I intentionally took something to incite an asthma attack, I wouldn’t call it “respiratory health.”

Yet a woman taking a drug to shut down her natural reproductive system is considered “reproductive health.” A woman allowing a “doctor” to invade her uterus and kill her unborn baby, interrupting the natural function of her uterus, is considered “reproductive health.”

It makes no sense.

Natural Family Planning is about reproductive health. Contraception and abortion are about reproductive self-destruction.

2 responses to “I favor Reproductive Health

  1. To be fair, there are some licit uses of hormonal contraception for health reasons, but of course using them FOR contraception is what most people are talking about when they say “reproductive health.”

  2. John C. Hathaway

    Good point, Joy, and, as the recent articles by one of the developers of the Pill remind us, that was not even the intention of its creators.

    *However*, many atheticists argue that, because of its abortifacient properties, women who use the Pill for medical reasons should abstain while they’re on it, to avoid risk of conceiving and aborting a baby.

    Also, while the estrogen pill is used to treat PCOS and some other conditions, it is not the *best* treatment available, and many experts question its effectiveness, anyway. In the case of PCOS, they’re finding a great similarity to diabetes, and that treating with diabetes meds is more effective than treating with hormones.

    This is one of the reasons we need totally pro-life physicians like Dr. Bruchalski. The Creighton Institute has a treatment called “NaPro Technology.” We’re not 100% sure what it is, because they keep it closely guarded.

    However, several years ago, we watched an episode of _THe World Over_ with one of the main docs at the Creighton Institute, who developed NaPro technology.

    He pointed out that the estrogen pill is derived from horse estrogens, which are far too strong for humans, to begin with. Whatever hormonal treatments are used in NaPro technology enhance the woman’s natural hormonal cycle and are derived from female human donors, not from animals.

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