Daily Archives: August 6, 2010

Morally offensive Video

Log in to YouTube and click “dislike”–better yet, report.  They pull even the most mild pro-life video off of YouTube for being “offensive.”


This video depicts a child throwing a tantrum over candy in a grocery store.

Rather than suggesting that a) such displays should be banned or b) the sale of artificial candy itself should be banned, this video suggests this is a reason to use condoms.

Rather than being a promotion for wider diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum “disorders” (which are really only disorders because we live in an inherently disordered society), they suggest this is a reason not to have kids.

It’s no wonder that the Nazis and Commies in Europe voted this their favorite commercial.

I favor Reproductive Health

I am so sick of abortion and contraception being referred to as “reproductive health.” Since when does it constitute “health” to prevent an organ from doing its natural function?

Bulimia is not considered “digestive health.” People have qualms–and serious side effects–about gastric bypass surgery because it impedes the natural digestive track.

If I intentionally took something to incite an asthma attack, I wouldn’t call it “respiratory health.”

Yet a woman taking a drug to shut down her natural reproductive system is considered “reproductive health.” A woman allowing a “doctor” to invade her uterus and kill her unborn baby, interrupting the natural function of her uterus, is considered “reproductive health.”

It makes no sense.

Natural Family Planning is about reproductive health. Contraception and abortion are about reproductive self-destruction.