Daily Archives: August 3, 2010

Fundraiser–now official

Last week, I wrote about our need for help in getting my handicapped handicapped van back in working order.  Points of example: it took 3 Aspirin to be able to teach my class yesterday as I started having a pin stroke right before it; I spent 3 hours in bed this evening, and my head and chest *still* hurt.

We hadn’t considered Modest Needs because, the previous times we’d looked into them during hard times, we didn’t qualify.  However, they’ve changed their terms, and we have been qualified for a Modest Needs “Grant” to pay for the van repairs.

Now, the thing is that there are only 2 weeks for the grant to be fulfilled.  What happens is that people who donate to Modest Needs have to designate the money (apparently in the form of “points”) to our grant.

So, of course, it could help if we could get people to contribute small amounts of money to the van repair.  You pay to Modest Needs (a tax deductible charity), and they pay the money directly to Herndon Chevrolet to repair my van.

Please consider pitching in for this cause, even if it’s just a few dollars.


Coolest Bathroom Graffiti Ever

I was in a gas station men’s room last night on my way home from class, waiting for Joe and Clara to take their turns on the potty.   Of course, it’s hard to avoid looking at the condom machine in a gas station men’s room, and  someone had written all over said machine:

“Sin” with arrow pointed to the coin slot

“Sin” written over the different “options.”

Then, finally, “JESUS SAVES from SIN” written at the right hand side.