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The Rosary Wins Souls for Jesus–St. Louis de Montfort

There is nothing more divine, according to the mind of St. Denis, nothing more noble or agreeable to God than to cooperate in the work of saving souls and to frustrate the devil’s plans for ruining them. The Son of God came down to earth for no other reason than to save us. He upset Satan’s empire by founding the Church, but the devil rallied his strength and wreaked cruel violence on souls by the Albigenseans heresy, by the hatred, dissensions and abominable vices which he spread throughout the world in the eleventh century.

Only severe remedies could possible cure such terrible disorders and repel Satan’s forces. The Blessed Virgin, protectress of the Church, has given us a most powerful means for appeasing her Son’s anger, uprooting heresy and reforming Christian morals, in the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary, as events have shown. It has brought back charity and the frequent reception of the sacraments as in the first golden centuries of the Church, and it has reformed Christian morals.

Pope Leo X said in his bull that this Confraternity had been founded in honor of God and of the Blessed Virgin as a wall to hold back the evils that were going to break upon the Church.

Gregory XIII said that the Rosary was inspired by God that heaven might be more easily opened to us through the favors or our Lady.

Paul III and Blessed Pius V declared that the Rosary was given to the faithful in order that they might have spiritual peace and consolation more easily. Surely everyone will want to join a confraternity which was founded for such noble purposes.

Father Dominic, a Carthusian, who was deeply devoted to the holy Rosary, had a vision in which he saw heaven open and the whole heavenly court assembled in magnificent array. He heard them sing the Rosary in an enchanting melody, and each decade was in honor of a mystery of the life, passion, or glory of Jesus Chris and his holy Mother. Fr. Dominic noticed that whenever they pronounced the holy name of Mary they bowed their head, and at the name of Jesus they genuflected and gave thanks to God for the great good that he had wrought in heaven and on earth through the holy Rosary. He also saw how our Lady and the Saints present to God the Rosaries which the Confraternity members say here on earth. He noticed too that they were praying for those who practice this devotion. He also saw beautiful crowns without number, which were made of sweet-smelling flowers, for those who say the Rosary devoutly. He learned that by every Rosary that they say they make a crown for themselves which they will be able to wear in heaven.

This holy Carthusian’s vision is very much like that the Beloved Disciple had, in which he saw a great multitude of angels and saints, who continually praised and blessed Jesus Christ for all that he had done and suffered on earth for our salvation. And is not this what the devout members of the Rosary Confraternity do?

It must not be imagined that the Rosary is only for women, and for simple and unlearned people; it is also for men and for the greatest of men. As soon as St. Dominic acquainted Pope Innocent III with the fact that he had received a command from heaven to establish the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary, the Holy Father gave it his full approval, urged St. Dominic to preach it, and said that he wished to become a member himself. Even Cardinals embraced the devotion with great fervor, which prompted Lopez to say, “Neither sex nor age nor any other condition has kept anyone from devotion to the Rosary.”

Members of the Confraternity have come from all walks of life: dukes, princes, kings, as well as prelates, cardinals, and Sovereign Pontiffs. It would take too long to list them in this little book. If you join this Confraternity, dear reader, you will share in their devotion and their graces on earth and their glory in heaven. “Since you are united to them in their devotion, you will share in their dignity.”

Order The Secret of the Rosary from the Rosary Center

Thirty Days’ Prayer to Mary

His descent into hell,
where He confronted the Saints
of the old law with His presence,
and led the captivity captive.

I ask it,
through His glorious victory over death,
when He arose again to life on the third day,
and through the joy
which His appearance for forty days after gave thee,
His blessed Mother,
His Apostles,
and the rest of His Disciples;
when in thine and their presence
He miraculously ascended into heaven.

I ask it,
through the grace of the Holy Spirit,
infused into the hearts of His Disciples,
when He descended upon them
in the form of fiery tongues,
and by which they were inspired with zeal
in the conversion of the world,
when they went to preach the gospel.

I ask it,
through the awful appearance of thy Son,
at the last dreadful day,
when He shall come to judge
the living and the dead,
and the world, by fire.

I ask it,
through the compassion He bore thee in His life,
and the unspeakable joy
thou didst feel at thine assumption into heaven,
where thou art eternally absorbed
in the sweet contemplation of His divine perfections.

O glorious and ever blessed Virgin!
comfort the heart of thy supplicant,
by obtaining for me,

(Mention your prayer intention here…)

And as I am persuaded my Divine Saviour
doth honour thee as His beloved Mother,
to whom He refuses nothing,
because thou asketh nothing contrary to His honour,
so let me speedily experience
the efficacy of thy powerful intercession,
according to the tenderness of thy maternal affection,
and His filial loving heart,
who mercifully granteth the requests
and complieth with the desires
of those that love and fear Him. 

Wherefore, O most blessed Virgin,
beside the object of my present petition,
and whatever else I may stand in need of,
obtain for me also of thy dear Son,
our Lord and our God,
a lively faith,
firm hope,
perfect charity,
true contrition of heart,
unfeigned tears of compunction,
sincere confession,
condign satisfaction,
abstinence from sin,
love of God and my neighbour,
contempt of the world,
patience to suffer affronts
and ignominies, nay, even,
if necessary,
an opprobrious death itself,
for love of thy Son,
our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Obtain likewise for me,
O sacred Mother of God,
perseverance in good works,
performance of good resolutions,
mortification of self-will,
a pious conversation through life,
and, at my last moments,
strong and sincere repentance,
accompanied by such a lively
and attentive presence of mind,
as may enable me to receive the last Sacrament
of the Church worthily,
and die in thy friendship and favour.

Lastly, obtain through thy Son,
I beseech thee,
for the souls of my parents,
relatives and benefactors,
both living and dead,
life everlasting,
from the only Giver of every good and perfect gift,
the Lord God Almighty,
to Whom be all power now and forever.