Obama going the way of Nixon?

Since the beginning of this administration, conservatives have been calling Obama the worst president since Carter (admitting tacitly that, moral issues aside–and that’s a big aside–Clinton was a fairly decent president).

Now, Peter Ferrara at the American Spectator is suggesting that Obama is proving hismelf the combination of LBJ and Nixon. He has lost a huge chunk of his support among liberals for his mishandling of the oil leak. Clinton had developed an effective plan for handling oil spills in 1994, and Obama refused to use it. He has ignored Jindal’s pleas for permission to battle the oil leak at the state level.

Meanwhile, even his support among the African American community is dropping because of rising unemployment.

And the Sestak should be right up there with Watergate–after all, isn’t that what Watergate was about? Interfering with elections? And Watergate was a bungled break-in. This is outright (though equally unsuccessful) bribery.

One response to “Obama going the way of Nixon?

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