Psalm 75, Blessing Psalter

75 So that the barbarous employer becomes peaceful and does not torment his fellow human beings, the empoloyees.
.2 We give thanks to you, O God,
we give thanks and call upon your name.
We recount your wonderful deeds.

* * *

.3 “When I reach the appointed time,
then I will judge with justice.
.4 Though the earth and all who dwell in it may rock,
it is I who uphold its pillars.

.5 To the boastful I say: ‘Do not boast,’
to the wicked: ‘Do not flaunt your strength,
.6 do not flaunt your strength on high.
Do not speak with insolent pride.’ ”

.7 For neither from the east nor the west,
nor from desert or mountains comes judgment,
.8 but God himself is the judge.
One he humbles, another he exalts.

.9 The Lord holds a cup in his hand,
full of wine, foaming and spiced.
He pours it; they drink it to the dregs;
all the wicked on the earth must drain it.

.10 As for me, I will rejoice for ever
and sing psalms to Jacob’s God.
.11 He shall break the power of the wicked,
while the strength of the just shall be exalted.

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