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St. Teresa of Avila on what mental prayer really means

Many people labor under the misconception that “mental prayer” is a state that involves shunning “vocal” or “rote” prayer, to the extent that leads to Christians adopting certain Eastern forms of “prayer” that emphasize emptiness.

On the contrary, St. Teresa de Jesus teaches that mental prayer means only the state of paying attention to what you’re praying about, keeping your mind focused on prayer.

“Realize, daughters, that the nature of mental prayer isn’t determined by
whether or not the mouth is closed.. If while speaking I thoroughly
understand and know that I am speaking with God and I have greater awareness of
this than I do of the words I’m saying, mental and vocal prayer are joined”
(Way of Perfection, Ch. 22, para. 1).

Explain this to me: Roman Polanksi and the Catholic Church

Have Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Monica Bellucci, Tilda “the White Witch” Swinton, David Lynch, Harvey Weinstein, Whoopi Goldberg, Debra Winger, or any of the other 200 movie industry people listed on this site ever condemned the Catholic Church?

I know Goldberg has.

Yet these very people are supporting child molester Roman Polanksi, who, after evading authorities for 30+ years, is complaining that his case is too old to be prosecuted, and it’s not right to accuse him of a crime because he and his victim “were in love.”

Gee.  Didn’t Rembert Weakland say something similar?

Why don’t people see the hypocrisy of these people?????

I heard the comment the other day, regarding the Church, “Why, after all the lies, does anyone believe these people?”
Yes, after all the lies of the New York Times, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc., why does anyone still believe them??

These people are blatant hypocrites!  They condemn the Catholic Church for a small fraction of priests who do what they themselves advocate, only because the Church condemns it!

I was on some site recently where some idiot commented, “I wonder what the age of consent is in the Catholic Church.”
Someone else said, “I bet they set it really young, ha, ha”
I replied, “There is no ‘age of consent’ in the Catholic Church, since we don’t believe in fornication.  The earliest one can marry in the Church is 16.”

Which of course raises the point that many of the victims of these “child molesters” were 16 or 17.

Yet Roman Polanksi is this martyr of liberalism.  I really don’t understand.