Daily Archives: April 26, 2010

St. Teresa of Avila on how God doesn’t need numbers

In our democratically minded culture, truth is often defined by numbers. The Church is constantly being pressured to “catch up with the times,” to stop teaching the Truth in favor of accepting the majority opinion of the world stage.

Bishops and pastor’s often seem to measure the Church’s “success” on how many people are filling the pews and how many dollars are filling the collection baskets, fearing to teach the truth lest they drive people way.

And those of us who try to speak the unadulterated truth of the Gospel and of the Natural Law in the public sphere are told we must compromise for fear of “alienating” people. We’re told to “dialogue.”

Here’s what St. Teresa de Jesus has to say:

“Oh, the greatness of God, for sometimes one or two men alone can do more when they speak the truth than many together! Little by little, souls discover again the way; God gives them courage. If they are told there is danger in prayer, one of these servants of God will strive, if not in words then in deeds, to make known how good prayer is. If they are told taht frequent Communion is not good, he will receive more frequently. Thus, since there are one or two who fearlessly do what is best, the Lord at once begins to win back gradually the ground that was lost” (Way of Perfection, Ch. 21, para. 9).

Also interesting in that she says the best way to convince people is to provide an uncompromising example, both in our words and in our deeds.