Daily Archives: April 22, 2010

The Chickens have come home to roost

I never understood exactly what that expression means, but I think it applies to this fine article from US Catholic.

In this piece, one Christina Capecchi, a columnist who allegedly writes for young adult Catholics but thinks like a baby boomer, discusses the distressing trend of change among “new priests.”

You see, for decades, we’ve heard that “traditionalists” are just “old fogeys” who can’t cope with change, who can’t stand the fact that young people think differently than they do, that the Church is changing, etc. They’re just “overly attached” to the “old Mass” because it’s “all they’ve ever known,” etc.

Yet now, as the writing is on the wall for the era of Liturgical Experimentation, the Boomers are now complaining about things changing from the way that is familiar to *them*, that they aren’t comfortable with these “young priests” who actually dress and act and speak like Catholic priests.

Of course, the article contains the usual bugaboo that theses conservative young priests come from “sheltered” backgrounds. “Many of them were homeschooled!” (GASP!) And of course they’re “not pastoral.” Even though, in my experience, the “stuffy conservative” priests are far more eager to actually minister to their parishioners than the “easy going,” “friendly” “golf shirt wearing” priests —indeed, why do they wear golf shirts? So they can play golf!

Then we get the reference to an older priest–himself a Dominican–wearing an Obama T-shirt while his young assistant pastor supports Palin. On how many levels is that wrong? He’s a Dominican, so he has the opportunity to wear the beautiful Dominican habit, and he turns it down for an Obama T-shirt?

Perhaps someone should point out to this priest what happened to Andrew Greeley while he was wearing an Obama hat. . . .