There is no such thing as a priest shortage; just an overabundance of false Catholics

A kind commentor replied to a post from over a year ago, and I kind of like what I wrote in it (slightly modified):

You see, our hedonistic culture is not producing enough priests to staff many inner city parishes, and our money-grubbing laity aren’t giving enough money to support these parishes and ‘necessary social services.’ So, the bishops have no choice but to consolidate them. This is seen as entirely the fault of ‘the Church’–yet the liberal laity who like to say ‘We are Church’ won’t take any of the blame.

. . .
The reason why these Churches are closing is that “Catholic” laity have adopted the heresy of Americanism, and are choosing materialism and social acceptance over their faith. They treat the Church as a matter of culture and family tradition, and nothing more. They have no interest in an actual relationship with Jesus. They’re not encouraging their sons to be priests; they’re not even having kids. They fornicate, contracept, vote for anti-family politicians, shop and watch football and play golf on Sundays, curse like sailors, fill their minds with the filth of our culture, then come to church every now and then to listen to the Peter, Paul and Mary impersonators put on a concert. Before, during and after the ‘performance,’ they walk around and get reacquainted with their ‘good friends’ they haven’t seen since the last time they came to church, and they give dirty looks to those of us who have more than 2.5 kids and/or are actually trying to revere the Blessed Sacrament.

Want Kumbaya and Contraceptive Catholicism? Then expect Closed Churches.

5 responses to “There is no such thing as a priest shortage; just an overabundance of false Catholics

  1. I’d like to think a few of us curse more like fishermen….but you’re right (at least partially).

    Having said that, I think the priest shortage is largely cultural and localized to certain countries and cultures, and sometimes even to archdiocese within that.

    For instance, ArchPDX, the Archdiocese of Portland, OR, has 125 priests for 194 parishes, which seems bad- until you realize that in the 1980s we hit 80 priests for 194 parishes, and have been headed up since. Our major seminary will graduate 20 new priests for our archdiocese this year out of a class of 40. And retirements/resignations are down to around 5-10 a year, so we’re gaining ground.

    Likewise I hear that many more conservative diocese who were more strict on admissions requirements to begin with and that have preached Humanae Vitae faithfully, never did experience the so-called “priest shortage”

  2. Yes, exactly. It is diocese-by-diocese, and the US overall actually has one of the highest per capita rates of priests in the world.

  3. One thing I’ve noticed in my own parish- by and large the greatest number of dissenters and “false Catholics” are all from the Baby Boomer Generation- and are swiftly dying off.

  4. I read somewhere that “Baby Boomers” were largely a Catholic and Jewish phenomenon, largely attributed to the burst in immigration from Europe after WW2. The Protestant birth rates remained about the same during those years.

  5. On the Protestant side of my family, there was definitely a baby boom- all 8 of my grandmother’s generation had averages of 4-8 kids on my mother’s side.

    This doesn’t hold true with my wife’s Protestant relatives however; her father was an only child, her mother only one of two.

    I think it was more about socioeconomic class than about Protestant vs Jewish/Catholic- the poorer you were, the closer you were to the agricultural ideal that you had kids to take care of you in your old age- the more kids the better. Richer people in the heresy of Americanism both already had their retirement funded, plus would limit the number of heirs splitting the family fortune.

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