If anyone at the Vatican was suppressing investigations, it wasn’t Cardinal Ratzinger

Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn has come to the defense of Pope Benedict XVI as the one who has most been pushing for reform of the sex abuse crisis–that as Cardinal, Joseph Ratzinger tried to push for an investigation of Schoenborn’s predecessor as Archbishop of Vienna, Hans Hermann Groer.  Groer was removed from his post as Archbishop of Vienna in 1995 because of sex allegations, but no further action was taken.  Ratzinger pushed for a full canonical process but, as he told Cardinal Schoenborn, “the other side won.”

Apparently, John Paul II overruled Cardinal Ratzinger’s efforts to investigate Groer, because he was swayed by other “Vatican advisors” who told him the accusations were exaggerated.

Just as they are doing by siding with Rembert Weakland against the Pope, the media are letting the real culprits go in their desire to shoot down the B16 Bomber. It should be obvious that the media have had it out for him from the beginning, athing nd have done everything they can to cast his papacy in a negative light, from the Regensburg speech to the lifting of the SSPX excommunications.

This is not to say even that JPII was necessarily complicit–just naive, which is perfectly in keeping with his management style.

But it once again proves that there are clear factions within the Vatican. Whether we’re talking in this case about an “old boys club” trying to protect their power and superficial reputation, or about the “smoke of Satan” infiltrators, or both, we now have it in a quotation from Cardinal Ratzinger: “the other side won.”

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