Conspiracy of Hypocrites: More facts on Pope Benedict XVI

Click here for a radio program on the recent “revelations” about our Holy Father in the <em>New York Times</em>. It pretty much destroys the spurious allegations that, as Archbishop of Munich and Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, Joseph Ratzinger tried to prevent prosecution of child molesting priests.

I noted in regard to the German case that reporters  show an ignorance of how the Church operates in thinking that Archbishop Ratzinger “should have known” about the priest there–archbishops have a lot of roles and often delegate them.

Something even more stupid is at work in the <em>New York Times</em> piece and its copycats.  The <em>Times</em>, that prestigious journal of plagiarism and extreme left-wing propaganda, focuses on how Archbishop Rembert G Weakland–who retired amid scandal, came out in his memoir last year as an active homosexual *while he was both a bishop and a member of the Benedictine Order*, and has long been known as a stalwart of heterodoxy–wrote a letter “to Cardinal Ratzinger” at the CDF and got a response back from “his secretary.”

It struck me that once again this shows how ignorant these reporters are.  Bishop Tarcisio Bertone was not “Cardinal Ratzinger’s Secretary”; he was the Secretary to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.  In other woords <strong>he was the guy who writes the letters, the second-in-command</strong>.  It is noteworthy that Cardinal Bertone is now the Vatican Secretary of State.

This is not the equivalent of someone writing to President Barack Obama and getting a letter back from his personal secretary.  This is the equivalent of someone writing a letter to Obama regarding US foreign policy and getting the response from Hillary Clinton. 

Further, as they explain on this recording, the real culprit of all this is Rembert G Weakland, who took 20 years to even pursue a case against this Fr. Murphy character, and the Vatican only said to stop canonical proceedings when they determined that it was too impractical to try a case that old, and the guy was dying anyway.

Though it should give us pause that this deplorable man, Rembert Weakland, was one of the principal authors of the “New Mass.”

This is about a conspiracy of hypocrites, folks.  What is a hypocrite?  The Pharissees were hypocrites.  Why?  Because they found fault <strong>only to try and bring people down</strong>.  They were not trying to make people better; just to bring them down.  How could they condemn Jesus for dining with tax collectors and sinners when they were there at the banquet themselves?  How could they condemn the woman caught “in the very act” of adultery unless, like the men in the case of Susanna in the book of Daniel, they were admitting that they were voyeurs?

The Pharisees tried to  trip Jesus up because  Jesus called people to a higher standard. 

Today, the Catholic Church is the main voice for morality in the world.  The various permutations of the Englightenment and Freemasonry have always seen the Catholic Church as their greatest enemy, going back to the French Revolution and before.  The Communists have always targeted Catohlicism, specifically, above other religions.

Today, these people are the real hypocrites.  All they want is complete moral license.  They don’t care about the children who are being abused.  They don’t care that the vast majority of child abuse cases come from “live in” “significant others” or stepparents  in divorce situations.  They don’t care that the rate of child abuse among public school teachers is several times that of Catholic priests–indeed, as part of recent budget cuts, the great state of South Carolina has cut previously required  “safe environment” training for teachers.


7 responses to “Conspiracy of Hypocrites: More facts on Pope Benedict XVI

  1. Amazing. You think the Church is the victim in all this.

    • Yes, the Church is the victim. The Church has been victimized by these abuser priests, and the Church has been victimized by these greedy lawyers and media types. If this Anderson guy is so altruistic, why has he made more than $6,000,000 personally in these law suits? Why not give more money to the victims?

      The Church, as an institution, certainly isn’t the culprit. Individuals within the Church have been culprits, and the attention given to the Catholic Church in this issue, versus any other organization, is highly undue.

      Is it not a fair question why they’re focusing on the Church when the Church has taken steps to solve this problem–as George Weigel explains in the interview, as you’d know if you actually had the guts to listen to it–complaints against *current* priests have dropped drastically since 2002. The cases that keep popping up are all old ones, and the programs instated have done a great deal to solve the problem.

      But that doesn’t matter to the baby-killing MSM.

  2. I would say the molested children, not the Church, are the victims.

    • Is it not possible for there to be two victims?
      And in any case, the Church is the victim of these unfounded attacks by lawyers and media.

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  4. The church is NOT a victim in this scandal as they let it continue to happen with their full awareness. It was NOT a secret to these in Rome – they knew more than they let on and ever will let on. As a political institution – as with any political institution – it behooves them to stay the party line and keep themselves out of harm’s way pretending to be innocent of the scandals – any of them – in this body called the church. The church CANNOT have the role of moral watchdog while at the same time turning its head away from what its priests and popes have done OVER THE CENTURIES. Even the reluctance of the papacy to NOT intervene in the time of the holocaust falls under this hypocritical relationship to the world and to the teachings of Jesus – love all – pray and forgive your enemies. To call themselves a victim or for anyone to call the church a victim of there own scandals is also playing the hypocrisy card. Ever wonder why the church does NOT take a stand against the physical and sexual abuse of children in all other realms??? “Judge not lest thou also be judged” – in other words is it a case of the pot calling the kettle black?! Yes there are lawyers with not much integrity as well as church officials. Maybe they are just reaping what they have sowed?!

    • Too sick to reply thoroughly, but I’d like to point out your double negative re: Pius XII. Yes, unlike the “Allies,” who barely did anything directly related to the Holocaust till the end of the War, the Pope was reluctant not to intervene, hiding Jewish refugees in the Vatican, ordering religious orders to suspend cloister rules and hide refugees, ordering the Holy Office (Inquisition ) to use its resources as an ‘underground railroad ‘ for Jews, and paying for thousands of Jews to sail to the US where INS denied them entry. Get your facts straight.

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