“Most Pedophiles are Heterosexual”

The standard response to the claim that sexual abuse among priests is due to allowing homosexual men to be ordained is that “Most pedophiles are heterosexual.” OK, fair enough. But most documented victims of pedophilia are girls. Most documented male victims of pedophilia were victimized by heterosexual female pedophiles or homosexuals.


4 responses to ““Most Pedophiles are Heterosexual”

  1. Yeah, that always bugged me too. While there are a few cases of repressed bisexuality, I don’t see *ANY* reason why a heterosexual male would be interested in young boys. Young girls yes, but not young boys.

  2. “Most pedophiles” are likely different from pedophiles who are priests.

    The celibacy requirement attracts, and selects for, both homosexuals who are also pedophiles AND homosexuals who are NOT pedophiles.

  3. In that we are largely in agreement. Clerical celibacy does attract homosexuals, and there are several theories as to why homosexuals have become so predominant in the past few generations. However, the official rule of the Church is and always has been that men who are homosexually oriented are not fit for the priesthood because homosexuality is, according to Catholic teaching, a psychological and developmental defect.

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