Amazing what posts get lots of hits

It’s amazing what posts get a lot of hits, especially just because of the web searches that hit them.

Some of my most popular posts include:

Real Heroes Don’t use Lethal Force“, usually because of people looking up “He-Man.”

University of Georgia“, usually from people looking up “Michelangelo Adam and God”

Idolatry“, which proves (both by its attention and the comments) that people in our society care more about celebrities than about God).

Elaine Paige and Susan Boyle have sung ‘I Know Him So Well’ on TV, but Jenny Sanford’s singing it for real“, which I figured would get a lot of hits, as every post I’ve done mentioning Susan Boyle has gotten a lot.

“Magic School Bus Cracks A Yolk”: WOW! Your kids should watch this. Show it to some adults, too., which at least is a specifically pro-life post.

_Ghost Rider_ Gives an interesting insight on Exorcism

4 responses to “Amazing what posts get lots of hits

  1. Did you miss this comment I left for you a while back? You really need to read this story:

    • Hi, Joy, I usually read your links but don’t necessarily blog ’em, because you already have 🙂
      But I don’t remember reading this one. . . .

  2. I don’t really blog anymore, which is why I pointed it out for you; you in particular, because it touches on so many things you hold dear: disabled unborn, health care, St. Gianna, and pro-life activism. I think if any of your blog readers found it as inspirational as I did, it would be well worth writing about.

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