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Amazing what posts get lots of hits

It’s amazing what posts get a lot of hits, especially just because of the web searches that hit them.

Some of my most popular posts include:

Real Heroes Don’t use Lethal Force“, usually because of people looking up “He-Man.”

University of Georgia“, usually from people looking up “Michelangelo Adam and God”

Idolatry“, which proves (both by its attention and the comments) that people in our society care more about celebrities than about God).

Elaine Paige and Susan Boyle have sung ‘I Know Him So Well’ on TV, but Jenny Sanford’s singing it for real“, which I figured would get a lot of hits, as every post I’ve done mentioning Susan Boyle has gotten a lot.

“Magic School Bus Cracks A Yolk”: WOW! Your kids should watch this. Show it to some adults, too., which at least is a specifically pro-life post.

_Ghost Rider_ Gives an interesting insight on Exorcism

Love Never Dies, or Paint Never Dries?

It suddenly dawned on me that “premieres tonight” actually means that Phantom: Love Never Dies premiered several hours ago, since we’re GMT-5:00.

So I Googled a bunch of reviews. The reviews are mixed, but the plot has some very disappointing details that destroy the “original,” thematically.

It’s definitely based upon the basic plot points of Frederick Forsythe’s Phantom of Manhattan. The kiss at the ending of The Phantom of the Opera–crucial to the plot and theme because Christine chooses, however coerced, to make the gesture–the Phantom’s first experience of human intimacy in hi slife–as well as the significance of “this fate which condemned me to wallow in blood/has also denied me the joys of the flesh”–is destroyed by the revelation of an off-screen act of fornication during the events of the first story.

Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny, is now an abusive drunk (in Forsythe’s version, he’s a eunuch). This would destroy “All I Ask of You,” plus make the framing device of the 2004 movie rather strange.

Knowing Forsythe’s novel, the insinuations of the reviews are that it ends the same way, but apparently Meg is turned into a villain.

Still gonna give it a try, but I was really hoping for better than this.

Here are some of the reviews so far: