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“Dawn Treader” is coming, and apparently they haven’t screwed it up!!!

We’re watching _Prince Caspian_, and it got me wondering what’s happening with Voyage of the Dawn Treader, so I checked on NarniaWeb, and just this week, there’s some great news!  I cried when I read this:

“I have spoken with Tirian, and he confirmed that the line ‘there I have another name’ is in the film!”

A minister’s wife named Kathy Keller said, “I’m glad the interaction between Aslan and Lucy was there in its unadulterated entirety, because I consider that the pinnacle of the seven books.”

Well, the end of _Last Battle_ is the pinnacle, but _Dawn Treader_ is a close second.  I knew this would make or break the series, because it’s when things get too overt for PC Hollywood types to avoid.

From the article they’re blogging about, apparently the producers realized that:

“We made some mistakes with Prince Caspian, and I don’t want to make them again,” said Mark Johnson, a producer on all of the Narnia films. He said Caspian lacked some of the “wonder and magic of Narnia,” [That’s for sure!] was “a little bit too rough” for families, and too much of a “boys’ action movie.” He said it’s “very important” that filmmakers regain that magic for Dawn Treader, now in the editing stages—and he’s convinced they’ve found it: “I want to climb on the rooftops and say we have a wonderful Narnia movie.”

Will they finally get it right, after carefully downplaying the Christian themes in _The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe_ and _Prince Caspian_?

Find out on Dec. 10, 2010

St. Teresa of Avila on Communion

“I know, too, that for many years this person, though by no means perfect, always tried to strengthen her faith, when she communicated, by thinking that it was exactly as if she saw the Lord entering her house, with her own bodily eyes, for she believed in very truth that this Lord was entering her poor abode, and she ceased, as far as she could, to think of outward things, and went into her abode with Him. She tried to recollect her senses so that they might all become aware of this great blessing, or rather, so that they should not hinder the soul from becoming conscious of it.” (Way of Perfection, ch. 33, para. 7).

Guest Post By Allie

My song: Here I come!
By Alexandra Hathaway

I am a new kid to the world,
but Mom and Dad know
all about ME at 5 days old.
I am their only kid so
I am happy
I am happy
I get to sleep with my parents–hooray!–
And see Nana and Papa almost every day!
I am one year old now.
I drink milk and eat real foods, “HAPPY BRITHDAY TO ME!”

But Nana’s dog eats what I throw.
I only watch EWTN and the news.
I am
I am happy.
Dada-Papa puts on Nick; I want CSPAN.
He can’t work the TV, but I can!
Here is 2.
I am 2; a year older–so much to try!
Hi, Gianna! On 29th of February ,
I’m now an older sister, “cry”
On Halloween, I am a fairy!
I am happy, but
Sometimes sad.
I’ve got to share my Mom and Dad.
But holding Gigi makes me glad!
I am three now, and
I wear glasses
I like to swim at Wilderness.
I am taller and stronger,
So I get to stay in the water longer.
There are craft activities to do
That I couldn’t when I was 2.

In September, Joe’s the youngest now.
Gianna has some one to hold in her lap.
Even though we’re older, we still have to take a nap.

Happy birthday!
I am 4! Chuck E. Cheese is cheesy weezy.
Going on the rides is dizzy but easy.
Hi, Nana! Happy birthday to me.
I am 5, and I am in grade K.
Good-bye, Nana! Bye, Papa-Mama: “Cry”
I am on my way to SC.
Hi, dolls. Hi, Aunt Kim.
Look kids at the new house.
Hi, 2008! I am 6 now, lalalalala!
Clara is part of the pack now.
She is younger.
Since she is a baby, she has a lot of hunger.
It’s now my half birthday.
Can you guess??????????
It’s July 4th .
I get fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get to go to school in 1st grade.
I am 7 now, still in 1st grade “cry”
In the summer, I get to see a nun in Tennessee.
Then, we drive farther to Kentucky.

I am 8 and in a new school, the SCCA.
I am in 2nd now, but in 3rd grade math.
I am a lot smarter and like to write drafts.

My line graph of my age.