Daily Archives: March 1, 2010

I know with absolute certainty that some of my ancestors were illegal immigrants.

Not all illegal immigrants come over the boarders from Mexico and Canada. Many illegal immigrants come here on ships. I know with absolute certainty that at least 7 of my ancestors came here illegally.

My 7x Great Grandfather Thomas Noble illegally immigrated here ca. 1653
My 8X Great Grandfather William Warriner illegally immigrated here ca. 1638.
My 7X Great Grandfather Thomas Dewey illegally immigrated here somewhere between 1606 and 1642
My 8X Great Grandparents Richard Hawes and Anne Clapp illegally immigrated here about 1636
My 6X Great Grandfather J. Cole, 8X Great Grandfather Daniel Pratt and 7X Great Grandfather Nathaniel Goodwin also illegally immigrated here in the 17th century.

None of these people came here with the permission of the native Americans.