“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Some people say that the difference between abortion and other life issues is that unborn babies are “innocent.” In that case, go ahead and kill me. I’m not innocent.. I’m guillty of many grievous mortal sins, sins that are just as worthy of eternal Hellfire as murder or terrorism. For if we have ever engaged in sexual sins, blasphemy, theft, skipping Mass on Sunday, coveting another person’s goods, lying, etc., we are just as worthy of death, according to God’s Law, as a terrorist.

I, however, thank God that Christ has come and changed the Law so that only those who are free from sin (according to some commentators, this could mean those who are in a state of grace) are permitted to execute the death penalty.

4 responses to ““Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  1. Unwelcome unborn babies are NOT innocent. They may be free of guilty INTENTIONS but that does not make you innocent. One can commit UNINTENTIONAL VIOLATIONS, and those are still violations. Remaining inside another person’s body where you are not welcome is one such unintentional violation.

    If unborn babies were as good and morally-pure as you seem to think, they would not WANT to gestate inside another person’s body where unwelcome. A GOOD fetus would PREFER to be aborted rather than to inflict such an outrageous violation on its mother.

    • Well, that’s partly my point, isn’t, since there have been only 2 completely innocent people in history: Jesus and His Mother. Everyone else has some taint of original sin. Proportionate and immediate self defense is the only moral justification for violence.

      I know you’re a sociopath and would like to kill anyone you disagree with, and you presume everyone else thinks the same twisted way you do, but I can’t help that but by praying for you.

  2. You still never answered my question, Operation, about whether all minors should be tried as adults. If a 2-year old accidentally kills his baby brother, should that unintentional violation be subject to the death penalty?

    • Hi, Joy, good point! (To OC’s “credit,” he *may* have replied, but I deleted the reply for offensive material).

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