St. Teresa of Avila on “Deliver us from Evil”

St. Teresa de Jesus contends that the last point of the Lord’s Prayer is actually a prayer for a happy death: the only way we can be delivered from all evil is to die and go to Heaven.

She also says that, if we have lived our lives well, we should be tired of them. We should always be eager to get out of this life.

“I think the good Jesus was right to ask this for Himself, for we know how weary of this life He was when at the Supper He said to His Apostles: “With desire I have desired to sup with you”[142] — and that was the last supper of His life. From this it can be seen how weary He must have been of living; yet nowadays people are not weary even at a hundred years old, but always want to live longer. It is true, however, that we do not live so difficult a life or suffer such trials or such poverty as His Majesty had to bear. What was His whole life but a continuous death, with the picture of the cruel death that He was to suffer always before His eyes?” (Way of
, Ch. 42, para. 1


One response to “St. Teresa of Avila on “Deliver us from Evil”

  1. That’s interesting. I had not heard that about St. Theresa and I had not looked at that phrase in that way before. Thanks for sharing.

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