“We’d like to thank you George W. Bush”

For all you’ve done for the Pro-Life Movement . . . .

1. Approving federal funding of embryonic stem cell research (so long as the babies are already dead).
2. Somehow deceiving millions into thinking you were pro-life, despite your repeated promises not to overturn Roe v. Wade.
3. Wasting further time and money on the “partial birth abortion ban” smoke and mirror, causing pro-lifers to think they’d done something other than ban one specific kind of rare late-term procedure (only because there are other procedures available that can do the same thing)..
4. Getting yourself praise for reinstating Mexico City Policy after Clinton while not reversing Clinton’s other two executive orders regarding federal funding of abortions, including permitting abortions on military bases (see below).
5. Completely ignoring Human Life International’s appeal that you repudiate and revoke the eugenicist agenda of NSSM-200 on its thirtieth anniversary in 2003, instead confirming your party’s true agenda, as that was the very year you got us into the kind of war predicted by said document’s long term plans.
6. Wasting the greatest approval ratings in recent history and a majority in both houses to push an immoral war, thus “postponing” and breaking most of your pro-family, pro-life campaign promises in *both* elections.
7. Attempting the Harriet Myers nomination–which should have been enough for pro-lifers to call your bluff–but then turning around and appointing John Roberts and Samuel Alito while deceiving the pro-life movement into believing these men were themselves pro-life.
8. Introducing an agenda of torture into US policy (and your supporters may question whether waterboarding constitutes “torture,” or claim that there are a “limited number of cases,” but there are plenty of documented offenses by the CIA, Blackwater and the Military that clearly fall under the category of “torture”). One day, Bush’s supporters will be looked on as equivalent to Holocaust Deniers in terms of their desire to simply ignore data to push an agenda. You’ve now caused a good deal of the pro-life leadership to compromise themselves by apologizing for torture and trying to minimize it, using some of the same strategies pro-choice Catholics use to justify legalized abortion. Oh, and it’s totally unnecessary, since all authentically pro-life candidates in 2008 opposed waterboarding, etc.
9. Turning many pro-life “Christians” into bloodthirsty revenge-seekers over 9/11
10. Appointing pro-abortionsts like Christine Todd Whitman and Tom Ridge to your cabinet, including making Ridge the first Director of “Homeland Security.”
11. Coming after an administration that declared Pro-Lifers the #1 terrorist threat and spent its time tailing the Catholic bishops instead of Al-Qaeda, you a) vowed to wipe out “all terrorism,” b) set up a precedent for denying due process and torturing suspects, c) set up policies for violating US citizens’ Constitutional rights to root out suspected “terrorists” (even though that’s just the kind of thing the Constitution was written for, and d) stacked the Supreme Court with like-minded people.

12. Fulfilling the master plan of the real powers behind our country, hinted at in documents like NSSM-200, you alienated the country so much to lose your party’s hold over Congress and the White House, and paved the way for Barack Obama, who has set about carrying all those policies to the next level.

Yes, thank you President Bush. You did a great job of trying to build a Culture of Life.

Case in point: abortions on military bases. Clinton approved funding of them. Bush encouraged lots of women to sign up for the military to fight his wars. Now, pregnancy among women troops (wasn’t that one of the reasons for women not serving in the military??) is a growing “problem,” so Komrade Obama has ordered all US military bases and hospitals to stock the aborifacient “Morning After” pill.

6 responses to ““We’d like to thank you George W. Bush”

  1. Yep- which is why I ended up voting Constitution Party for the last two elections; and now actively support the Cascadia Separatist Movement.

    • This post is actually a test–I wanted to see how many people on Facebook just read the headline on my status and clicked “like” without reading it 🙂
      (So far, no one has taken the bait).

      Ironically, the past two presidential elections were the only ones I voted Republican in. I voted for Keyes in the 1996 primary and voted Libertarian in the general election. I voted for Keyes again in 2000, and then for Buchanan in the 2000 election. I voted for Bush because there were no other choices in 2004, and Virginia was a “swing state,” and I didn’t want Kerry–and I bought into the promises Bush made in his 2006 convention speech (passing laws to encourage Flex time for workers with families, etc.).

      I didn’t vote Constitution in 2008, though I almost did, because I like Palin and Huckabee, and Baldwin attacked them for some of the very reasons I supported them (e.g., he attacked Huck for his support of health care reform).

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  3. Yep, George W. Cokehead-Burnout Bush was a ripoff. But now you need to take the next step, and realize that the Republicans all together are a ripoff.

    The Dems are corrupt and semi-competent, but at least they try. The Republicans don’t even try. They are so well-adjusted to being the minority that they don’t know what to do with power when they get it.

    For more than FORTY YEARS we heard from Republicans: “If we get true legislating power, we’ll cut spending and fix the system!” Then FINALLY in Y2K they got it, both the White House and the Congress. True legislating power. And what did they do? Well, you know. They raised spending to levels the Dems had only dreamed of, created a new unfunded entitlement, and pissed the surplus away into a world-record national debt.

    If USA voters ever trust the Republicans with power again, they will deserve what they get.

    • I’ve thought that since 1992. _Planned Parenthood V. Casey_ , and the NRLC’s positive reaction to it, broke my heart. So did Buchanan’s failure to get the Republican nomination, and all the talk of “practical politics.” Have I not made it abundantly clear that I do *not* support the Republicans? I’m a conservative, but I’m not a Republican.

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