This is why, besides the obvious, no true pro-lifer should support Scott Roeder

Yet another abortionist has been shut down for malpractice.

If Tiller hadn’t invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into Kathleen Sebelius and other Kansan politicians through illegal PACs, he’d have already been shut down. I know that was what triggered Scott Roeder’s breakdown (Tiller got an attorney general elected whom he’d bought and paid for in place of Phil Kline, who then refused to look at any of the evidence against Tiller and softballed all the questions at the trial).

However, there were plenty of legal actions against Tiller, and there was plenty of time until one of them–even if it was just his illegal campaign contributions themselves–brought the corrupt monster down.

Roeder’s act of vigilantism rendered any such resolution impossible, even as abortionists around the country are routinely shut down for the criminal practices and/or bad medicine they engage in as part of their trade.

7 responses to “This is why, besides the obvious, no true pro-lifer should support Scott Roeder

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Dr. Tiller would not have been shut down by any oversight agency, and this is not because he owned the oversight boards, but because he was extremely good at his work.

    My info comes from inside the “abortion industry”. For instance, I knew in advance that Brian Finkle would go down, because his reputation among docs was so bad. In contrast, Dr. Tiller was extremely well-respected by the entire medical establishment in USA except for those who disapproved of his work itself, not of his skill or lack thereof in doing it.

    One of the things about medicine is, even if you do your job perfectly, sometimes patients die anyway. Everyone has a few disasters, it’s a question of HOW MANY. And, the higher you are in your field, the more bad outcomes you get, because people send you the more challenging, dangerous cases.

    Right-to-lifers have a small single-digit number of disasters against Dr. Tiller (one of ’em from the 1970s!) which they cite over and over again. When you start thinking like a pro and look at his NUMBERS, they were outstanding, envied by all kinds of surgeons everywhere. Except for right-to-lifers, I never met even ONE primary-care doc who would hesitate to send a patient to Dr Tiller once the doc and patient had agreed that late-term abortion were necessary. He was what we call the “Gold Standard” for late-term abortions.

    There are good abortion docs and bad ones, just like in any other medical speciality. Dr. Tiller was rock-solid.

    • Maybe yes, maybe no. I’m talking about his made-up “health of the mother” documentation that Kline was trying to prosecute him under. Pro-life groups were trying to get him for violating the federal PBA ban when he was shot. They were also taking action on his illegal campaign contributions when he was shot.

      It is very likely–given the fact that Roeder was known to the government, and supposedly under constant FBI surveillance–that the Powers the Be *let* the Tiller assassination happened to a) validate Obama and Napolitano’s position that pro-lifers are terrorists, and b) get rid of a guy who’d be a major embarrassment to their cause when his corruption was exposed.

  2. Some details:

    RE: “Violating the PBA ban”

    Dr. Tiller pioneered the method docs use today to get around the PBA ban: you use ultrasound to guide a needle directly into the fetal heart and stop the heart with a salt solution BEFORE you start to take anything out. As long as it’s documented dead before you start to take it out, you’re safe from the PBA ban.

    RE: Mental-health justification

    Let’s suppose Dr. McHugh, the shrink who said Dr. Tiller was misusing the mental-health exception, had been judged correct by the courts and the medical-oversight boards. (It’s an open question whether or not they would have agreed with him; Dr. Tiller carefully checked everything he did in this regard with his top-of-the-line lawyers, but let’s hypothesize.) Well, even then, that wouldn’t even amount to a disobedience, it would be a MISINTERPRETATION of the law. AT MOST that would have merited some very minor discipline, a stern shaking of the finger, a “don’t do it again” kind of response. We’re talking a small, symbolic fine here. A few thousand bucks at most.

    The fact is, Kline wasn’t even seriously trying to make a real case against Dr. Tiller. He knew there was no case to make. He just wanted to make a name for himself among right-to-lifers, especially among big right-to-lifist charity donors of the ilk of the Coors and Scaife families. (That’s the main thing he’s doing now at Liberty University, writing fund-raising letters.)

    • Which is of course why real pro-lifers oppose the PBA act, and _Gonzalez v. Carhart_ in particular: it just sets a “gruesomeness” standard for what abortions are or are not legally acceptable.

  3. One other thing: Dr. Tiller was gonna retire soon anyway. He was 67 and way too responsible to continue if impaired.

    He would have written a great memoir and a definitive textbook.

  4. Hey John,

    Here’s a pretty cool pro-life techno device:


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