A Sudden, Unprovided Death

Pray that God will save you from a sudden, unprovided death.

And do your best to ensure you don’t put yourself in that situation!

Despite what freemasons ordained as priests may have told you, Hell is real, and it is eternal.

It only took one thought against God for the fallen angels to be sent to Hell for all eternity, yet God gives us chance after chance after chance.

Jesus even told St. Faustina that He calls out to every soul three times in the split moment between life and death–but most say no.

Our Lady of Fatima told the children that the vast majority of people end up in Hell, and mostly because of sexual sins. She showed them Hell, and they saw people they knew personally who had died recently! Other saints have had similar visions.

Don’t take the chance. Go to Confession monthly; every two weeks as possible, and as soon as possible when you are conscious of mortal sin.

Pray, pray, pray to stay in a state of grace. Don’t listen to the “Spirit of Vatican II” types: the Church still grants indulgences, and strongly encourages them.

If you go to confession every two weeks, stay free from attachment to sin, receive communion daily, and each day practice one of the devotions to which a plenary indulgence is attached (e.g., read the Bible for a half an hour or spend a half an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament), the you can potentially get a plenary indulgence every day (apply some of them to the souls in Purgatory, particularly your relatives, and get even more graces!)

God is Merciful, but we must avoid the sin of presumption!!

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