SC Republicans Screw up again

Andre Bauer, our fantastic, fake money supporting, Lt. Governor who tried to use Mark Sanford’s downfall to get an easy ticket into the governor’s mansion, has made national headlines by comparing free and reduced lunches to “feeding stray animals.”  Bauer’s point is that he thinks people should who receive public assistance should have some accountability for it: in this case, that parents whose kids are on assistance should be required to attend parent conferences and that people on welfare should be required to take drug tests.

Of course, one blatant stupidity in his argument is comparing welfare to reduced lunch, which has to do with the income level that a family is able to achieve. 

Sadly, Bauer’s been endored by Huckabee, cause I’m still supporting Nikki Haley.

2 responses to “SC Republicans Screw up again

  1. What he said is sad and he certainly enjoyed saying it too much and he should not be using it as a hook at political rallies, that’s ghoulish, BUT it’s also true that if you create a niche, a way to get by, someone will occupy the niche. If you feed the homeless, that’s very nice of you, but it means there will be more of them. There’s no way around that!

    Personally I have no problem requiring non-reproduction as a condition for receiving government assistance. There’s nothing wrong with demanding that the recipient cut down his/her expenses, and having a baby is a huge expense. Have your kids when you can support them!

    • Obviously, you would.
      The problem with judgements like that is one never knows what the future holds.
      And there’s a big difference between the working poor and lower middle class, and those who truly do try to live off the system.

      When Republicans set up these “welfare reform” programs, they are basically doing the same thing liberals do with “gun control”. The people who want to cheat the system will still find ways to do so. Those who are honest and working hard and just trying to get help to make ends meet end up getting screwed.

      When we were trying to get Medicaid a few years back because neither of us had a full time job (but I was making really good money maxing out my “part time” status at two colleges), I mused to my community college students about the difficulties of the Medicaid process, and how it doesn’t seem to accommodate multiple jobs that don’t make much money.

      One of my African American single mom students said, “Just lie to them. That’s what we do.”

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