Daily Archives: January 24, 2010

SC Republicans Screw up again

Andre Bauer, our fantastic, fake money supporting, Lt. Governor who tried to use Mark Sanford’s downfall to get an easy ticket into the governor’s mansion, has made national headlines by comparing free and reduced lunches to “feeding stray animals.”  Bauer’s point is that he thinks people should who receive public assistance should have some accountability for it: in this case, that parents whose kids are on assistance should be required to attend parent conferences and that people on welfare should be required to take drug tests.

Of course, one blatant stupidity in his argument is comparing welfare to reduced lunch, which has to do with the income level that a family is able to achieve. 

Sadly, Bauer’s been endored by Huckabee, cause I’m still supporting Nikki Haley.

Why is it . . .

That groups like Roman Catholic Womenpriests are glorified by the media as noble defiant crusaders defying “Vatican Law” and “Vatican police” in order to pursue “change” in the Church, but the Society of St. Pius X are depicted as nothing but a bunch of backwards Nazis?

Particularly outrageous:

Louise “Lears, the nun from Baltimore, was supported by her family and members of her church. Shortly after being punished, she attended Mass at her local parish with her sister and mother. She was forbidden to take Communion, but her mother and sister decided to share their hosts with her. Other parishioners dropped pieces of their hosts into her hands. By the ritual’s end, her hands were full.”

Full of desecrated Hosts!  Is there no greater argument than this against Communion in the hand???

Why is this piece of trash in Yahoo’s top stories, but they haven’t posted things on the dialogue between Rome and the SSPX?

St. Teresa on merely reciting prayer

“To recite the Our Father or the Hail Mary or whatever prayer you wish is vocal prayer. But behold what poor music you produce when you do this without mental prayer” (Way of Perfection, Ch. 25, para. 3).

Interesting article on how we’re supposed to feel sorry for abortionists.

You see, they try to steel themselves with their pro-choice, “abortion rights” convictions, and they try to accuse pro-lifers of “faking” images, but they can’t help but face the reality that they’re killing babies, especially when faced with ultrasounds.

Much like a liberal article blaming the SUV when a drunk driver slams into a guardrail, this rather insightful article from The Weekly Standard seems to place the blame for this problem on the ultrasounds.