Is the miracle of Zeitun being repeated in Al-Warrack Egypt?

In recent weeks,  thousands of Coptic Christians have been gathering outside a church in Al-Warrack Egypt for a nightly apparition of the Blessed Mother.  Unlike the Zeitun miracle, which was recognized by Muslims, Orthodox  and Catholic Christians alike (as well as the Egyptian government), the Muslims in this case say it’s just a hoax with lasers.


5 responses to “Is the miracle of Zeitun being repeated in Al-Warrack Egypt?

  1. According to the article you linked, one Muslim said it was a trick with lasers. Another one was the first person to spot the image, and took photos and videos to show everyone.

    Are there any other news sources covering the event? Have you seen any photos or videos of the actual apparition?

  2. Blessed are those who believe in God and his works. Christians specially Orthodox have no intention to prepare a tricky pictures in what they believe. As to us whether the world blieve or not God will do so many miraculase things. So our brothers even after seing this miracle don’t make your heart as hard as rock to God try to research what you are believing and following. Hope you have read from the Bible that Moses have done so many miracles in Egypt.
    God bless u all.

  3. I am very delighted by the miracle seen inEgypt because it is an indication that still God is with us.

    thanks to be God

  4. I am so happy to hear about the apparation of st mary because it is a proof for orthodox is the right religion.

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