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Limbaugh: “I had excellent care; there’s nothing wrong.”

Rush Limbaugh is notorious for his wimpiness in regard to pain resulting in a Vicodin dependancy and so-called “doctor shopping.” Then there’s his hearing loss, probably due to the Vicodin, and subsequent cochlear implant surgery.

Now, speaking as if he’s the picture of health, Limbaugh gives a press conference on his recent chest pains and visit to the ER:

“Nothing wrong?”  Now, I’m no advocate of a government takeover, but it is stupid to say there’s “nothing wrong” with the American health care system. 

Even Glenn Beck said his hospital stay changed his views on this issue somewhat.

Rather than illustrating “nothing wrong,” Limbaugh’s case only illustrates part of what is wrong: he is a famous multimillionaire, and he got excellent care because he’s a famous multimillionaire.  Would some poor schlob with Medicaid or no insuraance at all get the same level of care?

Also, Rush, an angiogram isn’t a treatment; it’s a test.

In other news, the very people who want to take over our health care and deny they want to do it to control our lives were, during this crisis, expressing hope for Limbaugh’s death.

As someone put it on Facebook, it’s horrible for Limbaugh to express hope that Obama fails, but it’s OK for Limbaugh’s opponents to hope he dies.

Liberals are such nice people.

Why Global Warming Might be a good thing . . .

And why the liberals are so mad.

Think about it. What would we lose if the ice caps flooded?

The Left Coast?
New York City?
Not to mention snobby cities like Charleston and Savannah?

St. Teresa of Avila on our demeanor when we pray

“Is there anyone, however foolish, who when he is about to ask for
something from an important person doesn’t think over how he should go about
(Way of Perfection, Ch. 30, para. 1).

Yet we don’t come to prayer with the recollection that we address the Ruler of the Universe.

Catholic Geek Slogans #7

“It’s a good day to die!”