Make the St. Bridget Prayers part of your New Year’s Resolutions

Many copies of the Fifteen Prayers of St. Bridget of Sweden are circulated with a set of “Fantastic Promises.”  Now, the promises are rather specific to the point of superstition, and their provenance is uncertain.  Therefore, the Church has forbidden their publication (though certain prayer books and websites do publish their content).  The devotions themselves are highly approved and recommended.

The gist of the promises, however, is not much different than what one hears in the Scapular promises, Divine Mercy, or various promises made in conjunction with the Rosary: namely, that devout and consistent saying of these prayers will result in great graces.  Also, of course, the prayers are meditations on the Passion, and any reflection on the Bible, the Gospel in particular, and the Passion most specifically, carries great graces.

The promises encourage that the prayers be said every day for a year, and that such devotion will be repaid with fantastic graces, including the conversions of family members, release of relatives’ souls from Purgatory, etc.

I have never successfully said the prayers every day for a year, but I have gone for stretches of months, and always with obvious results–both positive results and demonic attacks.

One of the reasons I recorded Hide Me In Your Wounds was to facilitate my own practice of this powerful devotion.  I have Hide Me In Your Wounds on both our cell phones, two computers (including the file server on our home network, so I can listen to it on any of them), and in both cars.  Since  I completed the recordings, I’ve prayed the St. Bridget devotions fairly regularly. 

This past few months have seen many prayers answered, many signs of healing and progress for old wounds in both sides of our families.  I am eager to see what greater blessings await as I continue in my practice of this devotion.

New Year’s Day makes a great starting point for trying to make it a year.

Why not download a copy of Hide Me In Your Wounds today?

3 responses to “Make the St. Bridget Prayers part of your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I too say the 15 Prayers of St Bridget almost daily. And yes, I too have experienced spiritual attacks… which is why I recorded the reciting of the prayers. Sometimes when I am too tired and ill, I just play the audio (downloadable from

    I am so happy to meet another with similar experiences with the St Bridget prayers. God bless you !

  2. I recited this prayer in dec 2006 to dec 2007, i was able to do it for 1 whole year, thanks to The Lords guidance. Graces followed, to me the the placing of victorious cross ( no. 7 of the promises) has been working since i did it.
    I want to do it again. May God bless those who started it. God bless Catholic Philippines.

  3. My mum recited the 15 fifteen Brigdet prayers and died well prepared. She had the sacraments given to her until the last day. She received the last rite three times before her death. It was same for my dad. A priest came every week for six months to get my dad ready. He also received the last rites before he passed. My sister and I have began using the prayers as part of our personal devotions. I would like to die like my mum and find the prayers very inspiring.

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