Great bumper sticker quote

“Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot.”

Heard about this one in a story about a Connecticut firefighter who was told he couldn’t park his car in the firehouse because of his anti-Obama bumper stickers

Considering how many “Impeach Bush” and “Somewhere in Texas a Village is Missing its Idiot” and worse stickers I’ve seen on the cars –and office doors–of public college faculty in the past several years, seems a bit of a contradiction.

In any case while the joke is an old on it is initial punchline, it obviously has the double whammy of our President’s constitutional ineligibility.

2 responses to “Great bumper sticker quote

  1. The thing is, anyone who listens to Obama talk for two minutes can see he’s a smart guy, not an idiot.

    And, anyone who listens to GW Cokehead-Burnout Bush talk for ONE minute can see he IS an idiot.

    • You mean TOTUS? The guy who can’t sign a stinking executive order without asking his lawyer what it says? To quote Rush, “Bush never did this. You know why? Because if he did, we’d be seeing the video replayed on CNN today.”

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