Daily Archives: December 18, 2009

Holy Father condemns “ecocentrism.”

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has condemned the manifestations of environmentalism that put the environment above human beings.

It’s a distinction I always refer to as “conservation” versus “environmentalism”

Conservation is about stewardship of God’s creation and preservation of resources. Environmentalism is about worship of nature–or, really, using the worship of nature as a cover for the Left’s desire for absolute power.

Kinda corny execution, but great idea

Health Care: Are we having the same debate?

As the various factions have had their say, what is shaping out in the Senate seems great to me. Now, I’m drafting this both as a report/commentary and as a question. From what I’ve been seeing in the dissatisfaction of liberals about the current stance of health care reform, we’re seeing the beginning of actual reform, as opposed to a government takeover.

According to this Yahoo article,

1. “Public option” is all but dead (good)
2. The bill would require most Americans to purchase insurance (bad but possibly an acceptable compromise)
3. The bill would forbid insurance companies from denying coverage to people (doesn’t say anything about increased premiums, however) for pre-existing conditions, etc. (Fantastic)
4. The bill would provide subsidies to make insurance affordable to lower and middle class families (Fantastic)
5. The bill would apparently put a tax on companies that make medical equipment, supposedly to offset costs and encourage them to reduce fees. (Not sure what I think of that)
6. There is still debate about abortion coverage, and I got lost on who’s who. Apparently, as it stands, abortion would be a separate premium on private insurance. I’d rather not have abortion covered at all, which is I guess where Nelson and the Republicans stand, but at least they’re not forcing pro-life people to pay for abortion.

Honestly, if that’s true, that sounds a lot better. I have no problem with federal regulation and protection of the little guy.

I would just add that they need to do the following three things:

1. Tort reform.
2. Reduce health care costs by increasing the number of health care providers (remove the unnecessary stumbling blocks to enter medical training–increase the number of Nurse Practitioner schools, Physician’s Assistant Schools and osteopath schools, and reduce costs and hurdles to enter medical school).
3. Increase the options for private insurance, as the town hall lady on the Youtube video said: break up the Cigna, BC/BS, Aetna and Humana oligopoly and open up state borders for smaller insurance companies to compete.

Also, the USCCB is to be praised for the strong stand it’s taking in this regard.