Daily Archives: December 9, 2009

The Mark of the Creator

Atheists argue that evolution, and DNA, and the Big Bang, and whatever, are all proofs that God doesn’t exist.  That patterns recur in nature is, for us, the very proof that Nature hints at a Designer, a great Artist who left His unique style on each of His creations.  For atheists, these patterns are somehow proof that the universe is essentially random and uncreated.  Their position makes no logical sense, but they seem insistent that it’s absolute, and we’re the idiots who don’t get it.

Now, I don’t really care what fundamentalists do, but when I go to Catholic blogs, I don’t see lots of discussion of atheists, except in the abstract or except in response to specific people like Dawkins, Hitchens or Myers. 

Go to Myers’ blog, however, and every other post is somehow designed to insult Christians.  Apparently, one of the things the Catholic League pointed out–that his blog, previously hosted by his university–was valid, as his blog is now hosted by something called “science blogs.com.”  Of course, Myers’ blog has nothing to do with science and everything to do with blasting Christians, using profanity, and hosting hundreds of profanity-laden posts by his intellectual readers.  Any time I’ve had the displeasure of browsing it, I’ve seen very few articles actually dealing with science.  Maybe he posts some embedded video or picture her and there, but it’s all about “Christians are stupid.”
Then he points to some example of a person who committed what the Bible clearly condemns as “tempting God” to show how stupid Christians are, in his view.  In one post, he talks about an obese man who never got out of his chair in the hopes that he’d be miraculously cured of obesity (ever hear of the seven deadly sins?); in another, he talks about a woman who never fed her kids because she was waiting for providence to provide food.

Myers makes a whole career out of pointing out stupid people who commit sins in the name of Christianity, and then says that examples of people who’ve done great things because they’re Christian don’t count, because “the real issue is whether you can prove any deity exists.”  Well, if that’s the real issue, why do you take such glee at insulting people?

P.Z. Myers, typical of his ilk, is a very petty, evil man.  While he takes umbrage at Christians’ presumption that atheists are evil, he does everything he can to justify that assumption by showing himself to be nasty and crude. 

As others have suggested, Myers probably has to do his second rate philosophy routine because he isn’t any good at biology.  Otherwise, his “science blog” would actually talk about science.

If this guy were really so confident of science convincing people to be atheists as he claims to be, then why does he need to constantly bash Christians? 

Why not just present the science and let the science speak for itself?