Episcopal support for Christopher West

Justin Cardinal Rigali and Bishop Kevin Rhoades have offered support for Christopher West in the debate over his work. They contend that West is doing work that needs to be done, even if his approach may be controversial to some, and commend West for his openness to criticism and revision.

3 responses to “Episcopal support for Christopher West

  1. Good to see you actively posting again, John. Whenever you’re gone for a while, I worry about your health. Well, that’s one way to drum up some extra prayers!

  2. Hi, Joy,

    Actually, it’s more the opposite. I’ve been doing a lot with Facebook, and trying to promote my CD, and those two things have taken up former blogging time. Plus, I’m teaching again: both University of Phoenix and ITT. So I’ve been quite busy!

    Though the health hasn’t been great, either.

  3. Thanks for the link.

    FYI, I have added a post comparing the work of Dietrich von Hildebrand to that of John Paul II in respect to the teaching of the Church on marriage and sexuality.

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