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“Hide Me In Your Wounds”

Here it is.  I’ve been dropping hints, and mentioning it directly, and now it’s here.  Hide Me In Your Wounds: Daily Prayer with the Saints, the debut CD of J.C. Hathaway Productions (previously the name I’ve put on my taxes for my business of freelance writing and occasional PR contracting) is now available for sale through Amazon.com and its subsidiary, CreateSpace.

The CD can be purchased for $14 + s&h through Amazon or through my personal link (please use this one if you want to buy the CD).  The album can also be purchased as an MP3 download at this link

I call this my “get middle class quick” scheme.  It would be cool to have some kind of oustanding bestseller, but even a few hundred sales will net me more than I can make teaching college.  Even mild success will bring in enough income to justify dedicating more solid time to writing and/or music, and, now that I know about CreateSpace, I’m going to be doing more works for self-publication.

After years of struggle, barely breaking even month to month, job hunting unssuccessfully because of my disability, etc., this could be my big break, and I am grateful for your support and prayers both leading up to this moment and moving forward.

The genesis of this idea goes back to when I was commuting from Fredericksburg to Springfield, VA, and working for Strayer University online.  I would drive at least 45 minutes a day, and it got pretty mindless.  One day, I’d listen to *nothing*, and just think.  This carried with it the problem of lots of great thoughts and no place to record them.

Early on, I ruled out listening to Rush Limbaugh (I worked the 1 o’clock shift), because it didn’t put me in the right mood to go sit listening to a bunch of liberals talking about their sexual lives and perversions or what they’d heard on _Oprah_. 

I’d play a Rosary CD, but that tended to make me sleepy.

One of my favorite things was listening to Fr. Corapi talks, but those get old after one or two listens, and I couldn’t just keep buying Fr. Corapi DVDs.

Listening to music kept me awake, but wasn’t very prayerful.

So I started to wish for recordings of shorter prayers, as opposed to the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, that I could put into MP3 format and intermix with a music playlist.

Plus, I have a whole collection of daily prayer books that I only really use a few prayers out of, and I’ve always wanted to make my own compilation of my favorite devotions, something that I could carry around and have easy access to. 

Those ideas sent me searching for years for such a CD, to no avail.  There are a lot of prayers on the Net in MP3 format, but not really a collection, and definitely not many of the devotions I’ve compiled here. 

During the second half of 2008, we did a lot of house hunting, unsuccessfully.  In December, we looked at a house we really liked, but it was at the top of our price range, and had a few issues.  But it had several cool features, including a separate building that was outfitted as a recording studio.  (It’s still on the market, only for $40K less–anonymous benefactors, take note.) Got me thinking about such a home studio, even if we didn’t buy that house.

Then I got laid off by the college I was teaching for, and decided to dedicate time to writing while I collected unemployment and looked for a new job.  In April, I looked into CreateSpace.  All those things came together.  After trying a couple different ways of recording, I purchased a digital USB microphone and began recording prayers. 

By the end of May I had most of what I wanted for the album, but I was hoping for some supplemental recordings.  I contacted the office of the new bishop of Charleston, the Most Rev. Robert Guglielmone, asking about procedures to get official approval for my compilation.  He replied that he’d be in Columbia the next week, and asked me to drop my materials off at St. Joseph’s.  So I dropped off a draft CD with a letter explaining the whole project, the selections, etc.  The following Tuesday morning, I met with him.  He hadn’t listened to the whole thing, but he liked what he heard and read, and, as he spends a lot of time in his car and owns several rosary CDs himself, he liked the basic idea.  He said that, if I wanted an official Nihil Obstat, I should give the final CD to a local priest for a letter, but he didn’t think it was necessary.  I noted that there is a rule somewhere that any compilation of prayers needs approval of the local bishop, and he said, “Well, you’ve got that.”  And he asked me to give him a copy when it was ready.  (He’s coming to town this week, and I hope to have the chance to do that then).

So, it’s been nearly 3 months since then, putting the finishing touches on the CD, fixing some of the quality on some of the recordings, and then going through the process with CreateSpace, getting the CD proofed, while I did things like designing the cover and booklet.  So, here it is! 

How fitting that it should all come live on the feast of St. Louis the King, one of the patrons of this site, and of course the patron of my personal intercesor in Heaven, “Little Lew,” as well as the co-patron (with Catherine of Siena) of all Third Order Catholics (regardless of Order).