Daily Archives: August 14, 2009

The most hard-hearted of them all

You know, it’s amazing to me how much politically conservative Catholics begin to sound like liberal Catholics when one challenges their “right” to be greedy.  Suddenly, it’s “You can’t take the Bible that literally” or “that’s impractical,” or “why should I be forced to fix someone else’s mistakes,” etc.

So, I got to wondering what’s worse.

Then I decided: it’s when the person is arguing simultaneously for greed and contraception (or even the Malthusian abuse of NFP); the whole, “Poor people shouldn’t have kids because I have a right to an SUV” mentality.

Compulsive Carmelites and Bothersome Breviaries

One of my Carmelite (Order of Discalced Carmelites Secular, OCDS in Latin initials) friends asked me if I could help her look up a passage from the Office of Readings for Advent, which led to a discussion of missing volumes from the Four Volume Liturgy of the Hours (I always seem to have the ones that are out of season handy).  I looked for it, but of course, couldn’t find it.

She said, “That’s OK.  I have another OCDS friend looking for it.”
I said, “What you need is an OCD OCDS friend.”

A St. Elijah Miracle

Among his other duties, St. Elijah the Prophet, perhaps the most-emphasized of Old Testament Saints, is one of the patrons of driving.  This is due to the incident where he leaves one location before King Ahaz, then arrives at their destination before Ahaz.

Every now and then, I experience a St. Elijah miracle while driving, whether it’s miraculous multiplication of gasoline or miraculous on-time arrival.

For the past few weeks, Allie’s been my “Adoration buddy.”  It started the night we went to the ER together for our sinus infections, and got discharged just in time for Adoration.  Now she looks forward to it. She kept bugging me all evening about when we got to leave.  This time she brought a whole bookbag full of religious books.  It turned out this week to be just the two of us, so we said the Office together aloud and then prayed a rosary together aloud. It was neat.

Anyway, the St. Elijah Miracle: I wasn’t feeling well, so I kept resting till litearlly the last minute.  Once we got out to the car, the clock said “12:00.”

We drove the 15 minute trip to Church, and, when I got in to sign in, I looked up at the clock, and it said, “12:02.”

When we got in the car, I picked up my cell phone.  “No point in calling Mommy,” she said.  “She left her cell phone downstairs.”
“I’m not calling God,” I said, turning on the cell phone’s MP3 player.  “I’m calling God.”
“I thought you just called God.”
“Well, I’m calling him back.”
“Was there something you forgot to say?”

So we drove along.  I usually stop at McDonald’s on the way to or from Adoration for a sweet tea and an ice cream. 

This time, we drove straight home.  She said, “Are we going to McDonald’s, or are we going home?”

“We’re going home.”
“Because we went to Ryan’s for dinner.”
“Oh, yeah, good point.”