Daily Archives: August 6, 2009

Was he their punishment?

There’s an old Clinton joke. . . .

Bill Clinton dies and finds out that reincarnation is real.  He’s the last in a row of guys who’ve recently died and are being assigned their new lives. 

“Since you were such a bad husband,” says the angel to the first guy, this is going to be your wife.  And this ugly woman comes through the door and immediately starts henpecking him.

The angel turns to the second guy and says, “Now, you also have been an unfaithful husband, so this is your wife in your next life.”  And another ugly, harping woman comes out.

When Clinton’s time is  up, the next woman in line is a gorgeous supermodel.  “WOW!  I musta been good!” Clinton exclaims.

“Uh, no, Mr. Clinton.  Actually, you’re her punishment.”

I was thinking of this when I read the headlines that the two journalists returned from North Korea “with” Bill Clinton . . . .