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That’s what it is.

Idolatry. I was gonna be sick when I saw the headline the other day–was it Yahoo?–that put up a picture of Michael Jackson with “Princess Diana” and talked about “Jacksons friends who died young” or whatever.

I don’t get it. When these people are alive, the media tear them apart, and then, as soon as they croak, it’s “Oh, what a good person he/she was.”

One of my all-time favorite essays is Fr. George Rutler’s classic from the December 1997 Crisis, “Speaking Well of the Dead,” which contrasts the funerals and media canonization of Gianni Versace, Diana Spencer, and Justice William Brennan with the death of Bl. Teresa of Calcutta.

Michael Jackson was a wreck of a man, and a miserable musician. Now, there’s a post at Vox Nova asserting that Michael Jackson’s so-called “music,” not the Consecration of Russia, brought down Communism! 

I can’t believe any Catholic would actually *listen* to Michael Jackson’s music, much less be a fan of it. 

And while I’m singling out the Viva La Revolution folks, some of my conservative Catholic internet friends have expressed similar sentiments. 

I can’t believe any Catholic would actually *listen* to Michael Jackson’s music, much less be a fan of it. 

Listen, I don’t know what the man did or did not do with little boys.  But it’s surprising the vitriol at Catholic bishops for their negligence of dealing with child molester priests, that every single Catholic priest is tainted by the behavior of a few, but Michael Jackson, despite the many allegations against him, is still idolized, and his critics are the ones despised.

He quite obviously engaged in multiple cosmetic surgeries, which is intrinsically evil. 

That a man who showed very little virtue of any sort is being so held on a pedastal. 

That people are looking to the satanic music of this man who helped build the edifice of evil that is MTV, and trying to interpret as somehow working for good.

Because, of course, rebellion is good to those who reject the past, and Michael Jackson’s music is about rebellion.

Bach said all music is worship.  If your music isn’t pointing to God, then who is it worshipping?

I have Michael Jackson to thank for one thing.

He’s a major reason I’m a conservative.  He’s also a major reason I’ve always had a great deal of scorn for my generation.  Him and Garbage Pail Kids.

Other kids would watch his videos on MTV, and I’d think, “this is disgusting!  How can you watch this garbage right under your parents’ noses?”

I’m sorry he’s dead for the same reason I’m sorry George Tiller is dead: he’s very likely in Hell, having died an unprovided death.

Scientists study recombination

Geneticists unearth the Roots of Human Genetic Variation“, says this sensationalistic headline.  In reality, it’s just a study of the exact process of recombination, and the “what to take home with you” in this article isn’t anything different than what I learned in Advanced Biology 17 years ago.

But it’s still interesting to read.

Now here’s an interesting list.

A compilation of 52 film suggestions to watch during the Year for Priests.

Evangelium Vitae on Other Offenses to Life

Expounding on the vast range of offenses of the Culture of Death, John Paul II writes, in Evangelium Vitae,

What of the spreading of death caused by reckless tampering with the world’s ecological balance, by the criminal spread of drugs, or by the promotion of certain kinds of sexual activity which, besides being morally unacceptable, also involve grave risks to life? It is impossible to catalogue completely the vast array of threats to human life, so many are the forms, whether explicit or hidden, in which they appear today!

Ecological responsibility is a pro-life issue.
The drug war, obviously, is a pro-life issue.
But it is interesting that John Paul notes, in passing, how sexually promiscuous behavior, due to spreading STDs, is also an offense against life.
Interesting contrast to those who say that the Church is irresponsible in regard to AIDS by opposing condoms: how about those who engage in promiscuous sex are “irresponsible” in regard to AIDS?