Colleges don’t want students who “study, study, study”

Walter Williams reports on how California colleges are afraid of ever-increasing enrollment by Asian students.  So they’re trying to get around a 1996 law that outlaws racial discrimination in college admissions.  Why are they against Asians?  Well, says one administrator, “Asians are ‘too dull — they study, study, study.'”

Williams is commenting on this column by Ward Connerly, former regent of the University of California.

Is there a new kind of Culture War emerging?  Albeit one that has been under the surface for a while now: as America descends into national mediocrity adn worse, it will engage in an ever-increasing war against those who actually work hard.

As the French Revolutionaries and Russian Revolutionaries discovered, it is a lot easier to tear down greatness than it is to build it.

If one’s goal is egalitarianism, it is much easier to punish those who succeed than to help up those who refuse to try.

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