At what point do we say we’ve had enough?

The US Bishops have revised a document on Jewish relations to say that, while Catholics should not “proselytize” Jews (and that word has a lot of debate as to its exact meaning), we should share our faith in Christ and encourage them to join it.  For this, some Jewish leaders are predictably outraged.

Listen, we believe that Jesus is the savior.  We believe that Jesus is the fulfilment of God’s covenant with Israel.  It is popular to say that the covenant was “never revoked,” but it is a legitimate question whether those who practice Judaism today are, in fact, being true to God’s covenant, both in their rejection of the Messiah and in their actual failure to observe the tenets of the Torah.

In any case, at what point do Christians say “enough!”?  We’re not allowed to pray for their conversions?  We’re not allowed to encourage their conversions?  We’re not even allowed to talk to them about Christ??

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