Perry Mason and the Case of the Missing Governor

It was the perfect set up for a mystery story: a beleaguered governor, known for his hardline positions, disappears shortly after losing a major legislative battle that made national headlines.  Despised by the opposition and even by moderates in his own party, the governor “disappears.”  His closest friends’ and political associates’ calls go to his cell phone’s voicemail.  His wife says he’s gone on vacation, and needed a break, and even she hasn’t spoken to him for days.

Well, it turns out that South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is just hiking the Appalachian Trail, and he will cut his vacation short in response to all the controversy.

A contestant in a television talent competition does a performance so amazing that she becomes instantly famous around the world.  A middle aged spinster, she is known to have some learning defects.  Her pastor warns that he fears this simple woman may not be able to handle the fame.

This potential Tiger Woods of Reality TV seems like such an unstoppable Juggernaut that the media try to play up every potential competitor.  She starts to tire of the constant media attention and hounding by reporters.  She has a couple encounters where she screams at them and then breaks down in tears.  While most people would react this way after so much 24/7 attention, the media try to claim she’s unstable.

She ends up coming in second place in the competition.  She is visibly shaken.  She ends up going into a hospital for several days for depression, and she cancels several singing engagements.

And so the cynics of the world say, “See?  Susan Boyle’s a nutjob!”  And Simon Cowell apologizes

Who’s more a nutjob?  Susan Boyle, who knows when it’s too much to put herself in the hospital?  Or Lindsay Lohan?  Britney Spears?  All these Hollywood types who do drugs, drink and engage in varoius sexual escapades?

So, the Governor’s stressed and goes on a hike.  That’s what sane people do when they’re stressed.

It’s not like he flew his wife to Broadway on taxpayer dollars.

Susan Boyle and Gov. Sanford dealt with their stress in healthy ways, and got excoriated for it.  Others dealing with the same stress do far worse and are heroes.  What gives?

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