Why Obama Scares Chuck Norris

Since Chuck Norris seems like the only guy besides me who’s a huge supporter of Mike Huckabee, I was pleased to discover he’s no writing for Townhall.com

His first column that I’ve read reprints a letter written by a former vice president of Proctor and Gamble, Lou Pritchett.  Pritchett sent the letter to the New York Times, but they rejected it. Pritchett’s thesis, addressed to Barack Obama,  is “Why you scare me.”

Chuck Norris adds his own list, starting with the fact that Obama scares CEOs.

They pretty much cover most of it between the two of them, except that a) I have no problem with windmills and b) the focus seems mostly economic.

One response to “Why Obama Scares Chuck Norris

  1. Windmills are very inefficient. They use up a lot of land space, and their power production is sporadic, so they can never provide all the power for a grid – you’d have periodic brownouts all the time. They are at best a supplement. By spending a ton of money and pushing so hard for more of them, Obama is ignoring nuclear power, which is safe, clean, and works so much better.

    I agree, though, that Obama’s push for windmills isn’t really “scary.” It’s just ignorant, and trendy.

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