“They’ve killed our baby”–another case proving the Church is right on IVF

First it was Octomom, then it was Jon and Kate.  Now, a case out of the UK embodies the horrible consequences of tampering with Natural Law by using in vitro fertilization.

A couple have a six year old son through IVF.

They had another embryo “in storage” for when they decided to go ahead and have another kid.  (“You know, it’s, like, great to have back-ups, in case one like dies or something, kinda like backing up computer files.”)

Well, the lab “made a mistake” and implanted the embryo in the wrong mother. 
Now, of course we know the whole motivation of IVF is people with fertility problems (usually do to waiting too long to have kids in the first place) want “their own” kids and are horrified at the option of adoption.
So, what does this woman do when she finds out the embryo inside her is the genetic child of another couple?
She has an abortion!

And what does the original mother who Han Solo’ed her baby say about that?

“In less than 10 seconds,” said Deborah, “our wonderful world was shattered when the senior embryologist stood in front of us and said, ‘I’m very sorry to tell you, but there’s been an accident in the lab. Your embryo has been destroyed.’ We were both rooted to our seats. We were stunned and trembling. We held each other tightly, and sobbed and sobbed. It was like water from a tap. I kept thinking, ‘They’ve killed our baby.'”

Ya know . . .

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