“Liars from Satan!”

My father-in-law has a favorite expression regarding the Media and the Democrats:  “Liars from Satan!” 

That expression really comes to mind when I watch the way the media treat Sarah Palin.  They do everything they can to trash her, even at the expense of their own claims of feminism.

Liberals hate nothing more than someone who should be one of their “pet demographics” and isn’t.  When teens and college students are liberal, they’re “the voice of the future.”  When they’re conservative, they’re “uneducated” or “brainwashed” or “need to get a graduate degree.”  When Blacks are conservatives, they’re Uncle Toms.  When women are conservatives, they’re Setting Back Feminism.  Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter have both been accused, both in direct Internet comments and through fictional caricatures, of “sleeping their way to the top.”  I think I blogged about the review I read of Oliver Stone’s W., which said that the movie really makes its protagonist sympathetic, in part from its desire to make Cheney and Rove the real villains, but most of all its expression of absolute disdain for Condoleeza Rice.

So Sarah Palin embodies everything the liberals hate: she’s conservative.  She’s a woman.  She’s happily married and has a “big family” of five kids, yet she’s hugely successful.

They criticize her parenting the way they would never criticize the parenting of any liberal male politician.  They think she’s a bad mother not be Bristol engaged in fornication but because Bristol did so without parent-provided contraceptives.  Their own daughters may be engaging in all sorts of immoral behavior: they don’t care, so long as its kept a secret, and a baby sure is a way to bring things out in the open.

I guess what really ticked me off was a comment I read–it was a quotation of someone in an article about the feud with David Letterman–in which the person said, “Sarah Palin was the one who made her daughter’s pregnancy an issue and tried to get political points from it.”

That just infuriated me.  The liberals dug it up.  They even tried to say that Trip was Bristol’s son, by confusing the dates on some photographs.  They were the ones who made it an issue.  The Palins dealt with it nobly.

And, yes, it was a perfect expression of her Christian values: not encouraging fornication by passing out contraceptives, and not calling her grandchild a “mistake” the way Obama says he would, but embracing the situation and encouraging their daughter to take responsibility.

It just infuriates the liberals even more that they can’t “pin that” on her, that their Pharisaical attempt to say, “Gotcha” blew up in their faces as making Palin all the more a hero.

So, she goes to a baseball game with her 12ish daughter Willow.  Letterman makes some comment about Alex Rodriguez (whoever that is) “knocking up” her daughter during the ninth inning.  I thought I read something else about Letterman making a comment about attire.

Anyway, as one commentor put it in a “status” on Facebook: If the situation were Rush Limbaugh instead of David Letterman, and Michelle Obama (who does dress her daughters rather immodestly), Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton instead of Sarah Palin, the media would be crying for his head.

In this case, they’re attacking Palin for taking Letterman’s jokes too seriously.

For most of the day Friday on Yahoo, the headline was a video about “Palin’s Awkward Interview” with Matt Lauer.  She refused to accept Letterman’s apology.  Letterman claimed he was confusing daughters and the joke was referring to Bristol, not Willow, as if that excuses it.

She implied that Letterman’s a dirty old man and said that she wouldn’t trust her daughter around him (she reminded me much of my wife here.  I told Mary about the exchange, and she said, “I wouldn’t trust my daughter around someone who said that.  Of course, I can’t trust my daughter around anyone who’s pro-choice, because they don’t care about children”).

Lauer shot back, “Isn’t that just as offensive to say?”

Trent Lott said that Strom Thurmond, after he changed his views on civil rights, would have made a good president, and his career was over.

Joe Biden said that Barak Obama was important because it was so unusual to see an “articulate, clean-cut black man,” and he got made Vice President.

At least the media keep giving us more reasons to like Sarah Palin.

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