Loretto Academy Closed

Three and a half years ago, Katelyn Sills and her parents made national headlines from their conflict with her school, Loretto High School, regarding the school’s employment of a D-list actress as a drama teacher.  The Sills regularly engage in sidewalk counseling at a local abortuary and recognized the new teacher, Marie Bain, as a  Planned Parenthood volunteer.

Well, there was a lot of media attention.  I even got mentioned on the radio from a blog post on Marie Bain (I wondered why no one had done any background research on her, and a basic Google search and IMDB search turrned up some rather scandalous acting credits that ought to have been enough to disqualify her from teaching at a Catholic school).  Katelyn’s blog got a lot of attention for a few months.  She went on to a new school.

She hardly ever posts, and I saw there’d been a recent update.  A commentor noted that, ever since Katelyn’s expulsion, enrollment at the school had declined, and the school closed its doors this month.  I checked the Loretto High School website, and, in the midst of all the photos of Valley Girl debutants in immodest dresses, I was able to find confirmation in the may newsletter that the school did, indeed, close its doors for good.

While I’m at it, I thought I’d check up on Marie Bain: she doesn’t seem to have garnered much acting work since 2005, although she seems to be making some hash out of her status as a “martyr” for the pro-abortionists.

Katelyn, for her part, has kept a relatively low profile.


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