Here’s a Laugh: Regnum Christi member writes about cults

Here’s an interesting but cursory article on cults.  It quotes extensively from a piece by Regnum Christi’s Communications Director called ‘Are There Cults in the Catholic Church?’.

“Uhh, yeah?”

One of the things I teach my students is to pay attention to any possible agendas a person might have that might influence their writing.

Regnum Christi, if you don’t know, is the lay affiliate of the Legion of Christ.  It, like Opus Dei and certain other popular lay movements, is often accused of “cult like” practices.  In the case of Regnum Christi, there’s a lot of grounds for the accusation: especially since founder Fr. Marcel Maciel had all the ear marks o fa classic cult leader, including using his cult to satisfy his every sexual whim, and also the fanatical devotion that its members have towards him.

While there is certainly something to be said about the thin line between cult and legitimate religiouos order, and while some of the complaints people make about “cults” can just as easily be made about cloistered convents (and often are), I think the whole method of  LC/RC teeters on the balance towards the cult side.

And when their communicatoins director writes a seemingly detached, third praty piece about a  “friend” who teachings for a school run by a “lay association” that is often accused of being a “cult,” and then he goes on to provide his definition of what is and is not a cult, that’s highly suspect.  “Methink sthe lady doth protest too much.”

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